Wednesday, 22 May 2019

How I wait on notes from editors and agents

Waiting for editors' and agents' feedback is made easier with creative projects to busy one's self with. 

Self-publishing the Gen2K stuff has helped me during the months of waiting.  (While I have heard back after a query within 24 hours, it can be months after a full manuscript request and submission before any word.) 

Entering comps helps me too.  This month, I was even shortlisted for one (you can read my shortlisted entry here -- Top 7 of 940+ entries).  It's nice to get a dash of validation in the Waiting Cocktail, because while you wait, the pendulum swings from the side where confidence and determination and writing live, over to the dark side --  where self-doubt and the realists congregate and whisper sour nothings in your ear.

I hope you like the story, *wink* because it could be a while before I have another book announcement...