A Gen2K Novel 

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Neith's grandmother was a survivor. She survived the apocalypse. She even had a child. And that child had a child: Neith. That's where that pattern ends. That makes Neith a third generation survivor. She is descended from fighters; the ones who made it. But what if the wrong people survived?  While the epidemic is over, the survivors’ victory is only temporary.  There have been no living births in 16 years.  The third generation numbers less than 2,000, and the third generation looks to be the last.  Or are they?

Chapter Index:
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Prologue: Dry Nurse

Chapter 1: The Spirit Festival

Chapter 2: Tops

Chapter 3: Home

Chapter 4: Generation 2K

Chapter 4: Generation 2K

Chapter 6: MinSci

Chapter 7: The Call

Chapter 8: The Revelation

Chapter 9:The Trance

Chapter 10: Initiate Good-byes

Chapter 11: Complete Good-byes

Chapter 12: Transit

Chapter 13: A Long Walk

Chapter 14: Pitter Patter

Chapter 15: A Bedtime Story

Chapter 16: Good Morning

Chapter 17: Winter

Chapter 18: Knucklebones

Chapter 19: Digging

Chapter 20: More