Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Book 1 is out now!

Some people don't like waiting week to week for new chapters.
I get it.  I don't like it!
Well, now that it's all posted, you don't have to wait around here anymore.
Book 1 is now all up on the site and you can read it all here, without waiting, for free...
(for a limited time).

If you want to commit now to owning it or want to be able to read it on your device with the options of night mode and resizing text and bookmarking and all that good stuff,

A disclaimer:
This is my first novel.  
I'm learning.

I'm open to feedback about this story and will take readers' suggestions into consideration as I review the first edition and prepare the paperback.  This is an #ownvoice narrative in so far that I experienced infertility, have been a teacher, and have lived outside proverbial towers, but there are a lot of voices in this story.  Neith is a mixture of races, like me and like my family, because the future Aotearoa I envision is like that, but that's simply my speculation, not judgement. I am not an expert on many things, so I value opinion which can help me make this a more sensitive and informed story.  Feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts -- you may even find your way into an edition's acknowlegements as a result.

Thank you to everyone who has been following along and reading.  These side-projects while I wade through the trenches of trade publishing -- they're seriously boosted by you.