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A Gen2k Novelette

A Gen2K Novelette

A Gen2K Novelette

A Gen2K Novel


Gen2K Glossary
The popular lexicon in 54AS Feichangbei may differ from your own.  Here are some terms you may encounter during your stay.

Infertility and Me
If you guessed the Gen2K story was inspired by personal experience, you guessed right -- and not from a visit to the future, but from infertility in Armstrong's past.  Read more about how a personal infertility crisis influenced a speculative series.

What's in a name?
A closer look at the process and meanings for names in the Gen2K series.

Recommended SciFi
If you're new to science fiction and surprised you liked it, don't stop here!  Check out this list of sci fi titles that you just might love.

Alternative Endings and a Deleted Scene: Salvage
The third novelette had two very different endings that were scrapped before the conclusion was locked in for Tama, Bex and Geronimo.  Read more about what changes were made as well as a deleted scene from Version 1.

Author Sketch
See how Angela pictured the main heroine of the Gen2K novel.


More Deleted Scenes
Not everything makes the final cut.  Read scenes which were removed from the novel set in the Gen2K world.

Axed Titles
On the road to finding a title for the Gen2K novel, scores of possibles got the chop.  Take a peek at some of the titles the book tried on but decided not to wear for publishing.

Map of Xinland
A map of Xinland -- its last clean city, southern farms and wastes.

Fan Art
See how fans envisioned and rendered Gen2K characters.

Things Angela Armstrong loves so she put them in a book
After receiving advice to think of what she loved and make those a part of her story, Angela drew on a lot of favourite things in telling the Gen2K story.  Read more about her loves here.

Mythbusters: The Science
How much of the Gen2K Infertility Crisis is founded on current science and how much is made up?  Here's a breakdown of what's real and what's myth -- how the chips fall may surprise you.

Despite Chinese influence, there's a whole bunch of kiwiana woven through the Gen2K story.  Find the answer to "Why New Zealand?" for a setting and learn more about all of the NZ stuff that features in the series.

Easter Eggs and Allusions
Yup, sometimes tribute has to be paid to great people and great work.  Explore a summary of some of the greats referenced in the Gen2K series.