A Glossary: Mórlough Edition
Mórlough is like our world, but isn't. Check out how I'd define some of the resurrected words that made their way into The Unflinching Ash.
The initial concept for the title text for the book was first sketched on the back of an envelope. Check out how the title text began and get a small peak into its development.
Over three nights in September 2021, Suzy live-streamed Chapters 1-9 of The Unflinching Ash as part of her series Bedtime Stories for Big Kids. The three sessions remain available on her YouTube channel, Treehut TV.

The Unflinching Ash was written in unusual circumstances. Read about it in a guest post at The Great Raven.
The headline = Dunedin Mum's Triumph: From Homeless to Novelist. Ha! A slice of sensation for tabloid fans.
Read this interview for more on research, writing routine, and chocolate.
"Don't let the haters get you down" is one possible take-away from The Unflinching Ash. Check out this interview with Eugenia for more.
Read the Local Matters article headlined, "Writer conjures up magical book to counter stereotype"
Author Rachael Craw does an old switcheroo and dons the Interviewer cap to ask questions about The Unflinching Ash.
Check out this interview to find out what inspired one of the antagonists in The Unflinching Ash. 

Not all scenes make the cut.  Read this deleted scene from Odell's perspective.
A YouTube / podcast interview with Angela conducted by Veronika Edali 

More on routines, upcoming projects, and authors that inspire Angela.

Podcast titled, "The Power of Magical Writing with Angela Armstrong."

A Glossary: Gen2K Edition
The popular lexicon in 54AS Feichangbei may differ from your own.  Here are some terms you may encounter during your stay.

Three more Gen2K Stories!
Meet three more Gen2K living on the Feichangbei fringe. 

Infertility and Me
If you guessed the Gen2K story was inspired by personal experience, you guessed right -- and not from a visit to the future, but from infertility in Armstrong's past.  Read more about how a personal infertility crisis influenced a speculative series.

What's in a name?
A closer look at the process and meanings for names in the Gen2K series.

Recommended SciFi
If you're new to science fiction and surprised you liked it, don't stop here!  Check out this list of sci fi titles that you just might love.

Alternative Endings and a Deleted Scene: Salvage
The third novelette had two very different endings that were scrapped before the conclusion was locked in for Tama, Bex and Geronimo.  Read more about what changes were made as well as a deleted scene from Version 1.

Author Sketch
See how Angela pictured the main heroine of the Gen2K novel.