Monday 12 July 2021


Pre-orders have been delivered this evening! 
Thank you to the early bird supporters!
Sales are now open for eBook and paperback editions.
Audio is coming.
Order your copy now!
Or copies. Copies are a better idea.
Think of that friend or parent or nibling or tween or teen or anybody who could really use a new book from a Kiwi author.
It's even school holidays in NZ, for those this affects.  
But really, a rainy / introverted day is cause enough. 

Paperback available for readers to purchase from: 
NORSOU Books - signed copies, shipping from New Zealand
Amazon - standard retail copies, shipping from the U.S.
Book Depository - standard retail copies, dispatched from the U.K.
or request a copy from your bookstore

Available for libraries and booksellers to purchase from:
Wheelers, Nielson, and Bowker