Monday 2 August 2021

Angela, the family, and the book in Woman's Day

You can read about me, the family, and the new book in Woman's Day this week. 

Bonus Info:

The day of the shoot, did my middler recoil at the sight of me made-up? Yes.

Did I enjoy being floofed between shots? Surprisingly, yes.  The writer, photographer, and make-up artist were warm and encouraging personalities that were lovely to be around.

Does anyone in the family like their own picture/s? Yes, just one of us does.  Can you guess who? (it's not me) 

The article is well-written and generous. The headline is about as tabloid-ey as a I expected. Is there anything I'd do differently? Yeah, but it's something that was my fault. I wish I'd done better to encourage support for local bookstores. As with most books, you can order online, but supporting local is top shelf. 

So I'll say it here: If you can, pick up The Unflinching Ash from your bookstore! If they don't have it on their shelves yet / anymore, ask them to order copies in!