Tuesday 5 October 2021

Final Days to read this bestseller on Kindle Unlimited

The Unflinching Ash is ranked number one in "Teen and Young Adult books about Prejudice"! 

I'm certain a lot of that is owed to Kindle Unlimited readers, who've been reading thousands of pages a day! It makes it harder to share this next bit...

It's a heads up: Ash is going wide in a few days. This is sad news for KU users, but good news for KOBO, Apple Books, Libby, and other users. I repeat: There are only a few days left that TUA will be available on Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you to all readers, however you read. 

If you enjoyed TUA, or haven't read it yet, you'd do me a huge favour if you request a digital copy at your library next week -- it'll make going wide worth it if Libby, Overdrive, Borrowbox and other platform users can read it!