Friday 29 April 2022

Support for Schools

The Unflinching Ash

  • …is a New Zealand text to balance representation alongside world texts in relation to AS90849 / AS91018 / AS91472;
  • …a compelling narrative teachers won’t need to coax classes into reading (it’s even trending on TikTok);
  • …features strong prose, timely themes, and curriculum-based lesson plans to support preparation for assessment;
  • …has received favourable reviews from teens, teachers, agents, authors, influencers, and parents; 
  • …comes with free additional support materials, including a glossary; and
  • …has its first nine chapters available on YouTube, as read live by Suzy Cato – a great starting point for some students who’d prefer to follow along to kickstart their reading.
Want to try before you buy? A digital copy of The Unflinching Ash is available for free to all NZ English teachers for review, with no obligation to purchase physical copies for your school. To claim your trial copy, simply supply the email address of the relevant staff member/s to

The Lessons

Six curriculum-based lessons are available to support Curriculum Level 7 learning and preparation for Achievement Standards.
  • The lessons include Achievement Objectives, Learning Outcomes, and varied learning activities.
  • The lesson series covers purposes and audiences, ideas (e.g. character, theme, setting), symbolism, vocabulary), language features (e.g. figurative language, syntax, style, symbolism, vocabulary, sound devices), and structures (e.g. part text, whole text, narrative, beginnings and endings), all of which may be adapted for use for Year 11 / 12 / 13 and standards AS90949 / AS901018 / AS91472.
  • A Unit Plan is included with the lesson series.
  • The lessons were created by the author, who was the TIC of English and ICT in her second year full-time teaching and a paid resource creator and consultant thereafter.
Want to try before you buy? One lesson plan from the 6-part series is yours, free! Centred on language features and extracts from The Unflinching Ash, you’ll find this, along with a glossary, in the appendices of this document. It may be used as a standalone resource by your teachers with no obligation to purchase physical copies of the book or lesson plans for your school, building transferable knowledge for students to prepare for the unfamiliar texts external (AS90852 / AS90851 / AS91474). 

Curriculum Links

The Unflinching Ash presents significant connections with The Whale Rider;

•    Prejudice theme
•    Focus on women’s rights
•    Strong female characters
•    Water motif
•    Character development through performance and oratory
•    Historical allusions and intertextuality
•    Key concept of revolution within small communities
•    Elements of magical realism

offering a great comparative study in preparation for AS90852 / AS91104 / AS31007.