Wednesday 25 October 2023

Armageddon Spring + Some Changes Around Here

I ducked down to Auckland to sign and sell at the Armageddon Expo again this Spring. Here I am, displaying some of my snacks of choice for fellow alleycat, CC Davie, who caught me shoveling in cereal in my booth and snapped this shot.

This year, we had our own, bannered Authors Alley, and I enjoyed the company of 14 other writers for Labour Weekend. Check out our class photo!

Left to Right, Back Row: Gareth Ward, Darian Smith, SJ Pratt, CC Davie, Angela Armstrong (me), Nikky Lee, Madeline Te Whiu
Middle Row: James Russell, Russell Meek, Matt J Pike
Front Row: Kate Haley, Jamie Sands, Janna Ruth, Anna Klein, Gillian St Kevern

While the authors were a treat to be around, the readers were a joy! It was so encouraging (and motivating) to talk with readers returning to demand sequels. 

And write them I will.'s where I dovetail this post into a general update. I took a job. I'll be managing Mangawhai Museum from next week (I've been shadowing the current manager this month). I'm excited about this opportunity, but I am saddened by the inevitable brakes this will pump on my writing hours. If you live in or visit the area, please visit and experience the other storytelling venture I'm a part of -- I'd love to meet you -- and if you're waiting on more books, please be patient with me, while I learn to balance this career pivot with my author pursuits. 

Thank you for your support!