Tuesday 10 August 2021

More Photos (and Insider Info) from the Women's Day Photoshoot

Here are some shots from the shoot that didn't make the Women's Day spread. We prefer them. *shrug*



More insider intel:

Middler (green jeans) found the sun shining into our eyes unbearable. I think it shows (she has a glorious big smile usually). Most of these shots were taken after we all opened our eyes in sync after holding them closed for the count of three.

The Eldest (chartreuse cardi) did not like the chartreuse cardi one bit. The shoot had strict dress guidelines, and bright colours were key. She said she felt like a banana, but because it was for me and the book, she'd suck it up. She's wearing my necklace and belt.

A lot of people comment about Haki's scarf -- as if it's a the dead giveaway we dressed to code and not to personal preference.  Thing is, Haki's worn that scarf since, voluntarily, because he simply does not care what colour a scarf is if he wants a scarf.

The photos were taken in Devonport, where we were house-sitting at the time. The home-owners were super lovely and accommodating about their place being used as a staging area.

I wasn't the only one who got attention from the make-up artist; Haki received some powder to minimise his shine (which he received with aplomb) and the youngest's fly-aways were hairsprayed out of her face.

I got changed at least five times, on request. Did I need to lay out one of my shirts in the sun to dry-out its nervous-sweat-marks at one point? Yes, yes I did. 

Did I enjoy it? Overall, yeah. The team were so great and I was with my family. Would I have picked different photos? Yes. But this wasn't my gig, I was the gig, so... that's how the spread spreads. Good opportunity, good people, good times.

Credit: @womansdaynz